Monday, April 07, 2008


I had prepared these truffs for my guests last week. The receipe is belong to Nino. This is a very simple and delicious receipe. I don't know how to call it; cookie or desert? Let's just say truff :) Hope you enjoy it!


250 grams of cake
200 grams of liquid cream
100 grams of bitter chocolate
100 grams of milky chocolate
for decorating;


Boil the liquid cream in a pan. Then take it off the oven and add the bitter chocolate which has been pulled to pieces. Make the chocolate melt with the heat of the cream by mixing it. Then crumble the cake into this mixture. Leave it for to cool in the fridge for two hours. Then make balls from this mixture and line up them on some wrapping paper resistant to oil. Leave it for to cool in the fridge again for two hours. Then melt the milky chocolate by bain-marie. Cover all the balls with this melted chocolate. Last, decorate the truffs by pistachio.

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